As your Virtual Assistant I’m here for you so you can do the things that actually give you energy!

As your virtual Assistant we can manage your Email, Agenda, build and maintain your Website and/or do Administrative work.

E-mail service & Agenda Management

Don’t want to go through that full inbox every day? Or just don’t really get the energy from customer service. But don’t want to miss out on that great opportunity that landed in your inbox?

Let me help you!

I can maintain your inbox and be your first point of conversation and response to interesting things.

Administrative work

Do you prefer the creative work over the administrative work?

I can be your bookings manager.

And I’ll help you collect your receipts, put your bookings in a system or can do your financing every week.

This way you’ll get a clear view of your income and expanses but don’t have to worry about all the paper work.

We have experience with the program, available in Dutch, English & German. Naturally we are also adaptive to the program of your choosing.

What would you like me to help you with?

Website Management

Your website is one of the most important places as a front of your business.

I will help you maintain your website, keep it up to date and update it to your other channels so that your brand is perfectly aligned.

Brand new Website starter pack 600CHF.

Website Management 50CHF per Hour.

We love to work with WordPress websites.

‘The key to great ideas is not having them, it is executing them.’

-Aries Moross

Let’s work together

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