1. After our first contact the chef will personally contact you to discuss the menu and your wishes. Please tell us about any Allergies or diet wishes.
  2. Preparation & Mise en place. Good preparation is key. The chef will buy and prepare the food on forehand. Ofcourse will the chef cook for you live at home, but most sauces, cremes and crumbles will be made beforehand so that the chef can work efficient and fast.
  3. The night is there and the chef is in front of the house. The chef will arrive minimum 1 hour before you wish to start the diner. As you can imagine he brings a lot of food & things with him. Sometimes he will have to walk a couple times back and forth to get everything in your kitchen. Free space near the kitchen, on the kitchen counter and in the fridge is required. He will then find his way in your kitchen and if he needs anything he will ask you.
  4. We set the table for you with your own tableware. We can arrange some table decoration as well. If you’ve booked a wine pairing we will need glasses accordingly.
  5. Diner time! The chef will serve his first dishes or amuse bouche, tell you about the course your having and will go straight back into the kitchen to prepare the next course. Have you booked a wine pairing? Ofcourse the chef will explain the wine to your party as well.
  6. After diner while you enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or maybe a digestive as well, the chef will collect his items and leave the kitchen sparkling clean.
  7. We hope you had a wonderful night!
  • Things you can write down beforehand.
    • Whats the occasion?Date. How many people will attend?Children and agesAllergies and dietwishesPreferred time to start and finish What kind of menu/food are you thinking about?Maybe even a shared dining experience where we serve different dishes in the middle of the table for you to enjoy together. Would you like a wine pairing? Coffee, tea and a digestive afterwards?
    • What kind of kitchen will the chef be working in and what equipment is already there. In some cases the chef will additionally bring his own appliences.
    • Please let us know how many plates, cutlery and glasses you have.

“A chef must think like a scientist, Organize like an accountant, Plate like an artist and cook like a Grandma.

Let us take care of you!

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